There are many trends nowadays that are quiet Instagram friendly. The world today looks prettier on Instagram, and especially the youth and the influencers are aiming to be in fashion or style up in a manner that will be more Instagram friendly. The synonym for being exquisite, classy, and beautiful is being an Instagram pic.

When fashion comes to shoes, not many, give much thought — however, it not just makeup, apparel, or jewelry that can be Instagram worthy. There are a vast variety of shoes as well that are indeed extraordinarily picturesque and can be clicked for your Instagram handle. It is often said to surround oneself with beauty, even when the soul is in a turmoil and the heart is a mess and not just with any beauty, the kind which shines and glitters. The beauty on the feet upholds the mind, and with the right pair of shoes, you are ready to walk the right track.

Below are some great Insta -Worthy Women’s Shoes

Cute and colorful flat flip-flops- Flip-flops with bow exuberates with feminine charm and grace. These slip-resistant sandals have a waterproof material, which will let you take on any activity that comes your way without wrecking your shoes. Get out in the sunshine while keeping your feet comfortable through it all in flip flop sandals with the bowknot. Whether you're lounging, walking or splashing through the tide these stylish sandals keep your feet cushioned and supported

Square heel slip-on- The square toe heels are much in vogue nowadays. These square-toe heels add height with a square block heel. Whether you want to dress up jeans and tee combination for a casual-chic date night or need a go-to pair of shoes for work, these heels are essential for your collection. These are easy slip-on with a stylish finish. These heels come up in various bright shades like pink, blue yellow, giving a pop of colors. These square heels can be paired with any dresses and look cute.

Sandals with Rhinestones or crystal and beads- Nowadays the glitter and shine are brought to the feet as well. With a nice pair of Rhinestone embedded or crystal beads, the shoe glamour quotient is instantly pumped up, making it collection wear as well as extremely insta-friendly shoes. These are pretty, shiny, and indeed artistic and colorful.

Pointed heel boots- These shoes are replete with undertones of a classy, bold women fit boss and rule her world with grace style and confidence. These boots come in monochrome colors like black, brown and whites and have a very firm vibe to it. It looks extremely stylish when pairs up with the right clothes. It is sure to fetch a lot of likes over Instagram.

The gladiators- Resurfacing from the past these shoes have made quite a comeback in the recent years. Instagram is filled with such shoes, and why not? The look has a pure old world charm that suits a sepia mode picture on Instagram and is sure to bring you millions of hearts. These come in shades of grey and brown or golden with embossments or bronze-toned tans. The vintage vibe of it never fails to seek attention in the crowd.

So with the shoes mentioned above and their various type gear up to get a lot of notification as these type of shoes not only look good on your feet but also makes quite a place on your Instagram handle as well. Flaunt your shoes and their pictures and turn your shoe fetish to your sole reason for happiness.

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